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The main purpose of outdoor advertising is undoubtedly to share advertising information, but to this day it is becoming a popular and functional means of self-expression for companies, services or products to pay more attention to themselves.

Billboards are probably the mostly used and cheapest form of outdoor advertising. Made of PVC fabric, especially suitable for short-term advertising projects. Billboard is very practical, resistant to all environmental and atmospheric impacts so it does not scratch.

For the advertising recipient intrusion, AdMagnus team advices – to pay attention to possible design decisions, shape, size, and interfaces with the environment of the advertising campaign.

Billboards can be installed both internally and externally. Can also be used for both short and long-term advertising. Most often it is installed on various buildings, trailers, exhibitions, shop windows and trading places, but also unique decisions and challenges for the AdMagnus team is motivation!

AdMagnus production of advertising will exceed your expectations! The decisions made will ensure an effective result.



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